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4 Roof Ventilation Techniques for Your Home

Roof Ventilation can involve venting the roof deck alone or the entire attic. Roof Ventilation is essential for several different reasons depending on the climate. In colder climates, it is useful to keep the roof temperature cold and stave off ice dams from melting snow, and to expel cold air that rises from the living […]

3 Tips for Buying and Installing Bathroom Ventilation Fans

Wetness and excess moisture in your bathroom aren’t going to dry themselves out magically. The perfect equipment for drying your bathroom is a ventilation fan, and it’s a tool every home should have. Having a ventilation fan in your bathroom helps you to get rid of all the moisture and humid air that accumulates as […]

4 Practical Ways to Improve Home Ventilation

Air circulation and ventilation are essential for ensuring the robust functionality of your home. Air ventilation has to do with removing stale and moist air from your home interior and then replacing it with clean and fresh air from the exterior. Maintaining adequate ventilation comes with many benefits, here are some you should know: To […]

How to identify and prevent mould in your home

Mould is a frequent household issue. Condensation can arise from water leaks, moisture in the air and poor ventilation. Showering, cleaning, cooking and even fish tanks can contribute to moisture in the air, which then cause a buildup of condensation and then finally mould. When mould grows in your home it releases spores within the […]