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Air Ventilation Systems for Properties in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne & Darwin

The leading cause of internal mould and poor air quality in the majority of the homes and offices is lack of fresh air and proper ventilation. Zephyr Ventilation has the products and know-how to transform your mouldy, musty, damp smelling home into a healthy home by driving out the dampness and moisture with fresh filtered air from nature.

We offer a complete range of home ventilation services designed to help people control the humidity in their house. We are able to provide services for roof ventilation, subfloor ventilation, bathroom ventilation, and heat recovery ventilation for homes and we offer these services from our bases in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne to all of Queensland (QLD) and Victoria (VIC).

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As our lives have changed and we spend less time actually in our homes, whether we’re out for work or pleasure, our homes are not ventilated as much as they used to be. Everything is locked shut for security purposes and this means less ventilation. Once you’re home, ventilation does not occur as it’s too cold, hot or noisy outside.

A single person can add 20 litres of moisture into an indoor environment in their time at home through breathing, cooking, showering, washing and drying clothes to name a few moisture sources. Without adequate home ventilation moisture will stay in your home and increase the humidity. This continues day after day, continually increasing the moisture levels.

High humidity leads to poor indoor air quality and mould and bacteria will start to build. This poor quality air is what you and your family will be breathing and we’ve recently noticed an uptake in our services for those with small children, who are affected more severely by this type of environment and can be the cause of serious health issues.

Zephyr Ventilation has the answer for all of your requirements for home ventilationin Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. We’re cheap, professional and have many years experience.

Here’s a quick run down of the types of home ventilation services we offer in Melbourne and Brisbane:

Roof Ventilation

In summer your roof can reach temperatures exceeding 50 degrees Celsius. By using proper roof ventilation we can expel the hot air in your ceiling space and this will have a dramatic effect on your comfort levels as well as your electricity bill. You simply won’t need the air conditioner as much! Read more about Roof Ventilation for your home.

Sub floor Ventilation

Mould lives in dark moist environments with no air flow. Sub floor ventilation systems are great to combat this situation. By extracting air from a sub floor crawl space we are actually stopping that moist, damp, mouldy air from pushing up into your home. The extraction process is actually pulling fresh air from outside in through the vents on the walls of your sub floor. The airflow being created then promotes drying. We design our systems on a case by case situation but the aim is to achieve cross ventilation through every part of the sub floor area. Read more about Sub Floor Ventilation.

Bathroom Ventilation

Bathrooms and laundries NEED to be ventilated. Showers, driers and washing machines all add moisture to the atmosphere in your home. If this moisture is not expelled it will have a direct impact on the air quality in your home. Read more about our laundry and bathroom ventilation.

Heat Recovery Ventilation

We install an Energy Recovery Ventilation Unit into your home which introduces fresh air from outside into your home. At the same time these ventilators expels the stale indoor air. With its inbuilt, highly efficient heat exchanger, it can recover 70% of the heat from the outgoing air and transfer it to the incoming fresh air. This means you get the benefits of security, no windows open, don’t lose heat and you still get fresh air into your home. Read more about Heat Recovery Ventilation.

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