Roof ventilation is a great way to reduce the heat in your home during the summer months and removes moisture during the winter months, which is a main cause of mould.

At Zephyr Ventilation we begin by examining your home and then making the appropriate recommendations for all of your ventilation needs including your ceiling or roof ventilation requirements. If you would like to know more read about our other ventilation services.

Your ceiling space can reach temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius during the summer months and if you’re using air conditioning it will be fighting this heat build up. By installing a roof ventilation system we can expel this air and the immediate impact is in reducing the amount of air conditioning your property will require which means you will spend less money and help the environment while keeping cool.

During the winter months we all lock down our houses to keep the warmth in our homes but this also means we keep in the moisture content that we produce. The average person creates over 20 litres of moisture and as the moisture and heat rises into the space between the ceiling and roof, it creates the perfect environment for mould to form. Mould can be extremely dangerous, especially to young children and the elderly and the majority of our clients notice an immediate benefit once we’ve installed a roof ventilation system.

Why Does Your Roof Space Get So Hot And Humid?

The air in your roof space is a build up of not just the natural ventilation occurring throughout your home but also air extracted from your bathroom, shower and kitchen – especially range hoods or extractor fans over your cooker.

We use a variety of highly efficient roof ventilation fans and ‘whirlybirds’ to extract the hot or moisture rich air from your roof space and create natural ventilation throughout your property and there are significant advantages in doing this.

Hot, humid air in your roof space provides the perfect environment for mould as previously stated so removing this has measurable health benefits. Additionally, it can cause damage to the structure of your home by speeding up decay of the building materials. Both timber and metals are susceptible to decay or corrosion from this type of environment and adequate roof ventilation will help protect the longevity of your home, meaning you save money on expensive repairs later on down the line.