sub floor ventilation installment

Mould lives in dark moist environments with no air flow. A sub floor ventilation system in your Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney home is a great way to combat this situation. By extracting air from a subfloor crawl space we are actually stopping that moist, damp, mouldy air from pushing up into your home. The extraction process is actually pulling fresh air from outside in through the vents on the walls of your subfloor. The airflow being created then promotes drying. We design our sub floor ventilation systems on a case by case situation but the aim is to achieve cross ventilation through every part of the sub floor area.

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200mm Inline Fan

200mm Vortice Italian made Fan. The Q series is a quiet running fan that has become very popular for sub-floor ventilation problems. They have two speeds and the ratings on both are below. They have an IP rating of 45, Thermal cut out at 60 degrees c and self extinguishing plastic. Standard 12 month warranty, and are rated at 40,000 hours continuous running.

  • Power Usage

    Max: 75W


  • Min

    700 m3/hour, 194.4l/s

  • Pressure

    Max:284.5 Pa

    Min: 127.5 Pa

  • Noise at 3m

    Max: 49 dB

    Min: 39.6 dB

  • Voltage

    240 V

  • Unit Size

    260 x 300 x 235

150mm Axial Fan

This fan is utilised to help airflow in areas that may be neglected by the 200mm inline fan working alone. At Zephyr we install these axial fans where we feel necessary to ensure that a particular area in an installation gets adequate air flow.

  • Volume

    299 m3/hour or 83 l/s

  • Noise

    42 dB

  • Power

    38 W

  • Voltage

    240 V

Max ducting of 3 meters

Brick vents are used in some installations where more fresh air vents are required.

brick vent