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Mould Remediation

is now known as a serious problem especially in commercial buildings, offices, healthcare, schools, retail stores. Factories, warehouse etc.

If not treated correctly, moulds and other microbials may decrease the value of the property, contaminate the air quality creating a significant health risk.

Our team of skilled professionals addresses any contamination from start to finish. Insurers, homeowners, landlords and tenants can all benefit from the comprehensive damp and mould remediation & removal service offered by Zephyr Ventilation.

The causes of the mould infestation need to be identified and corrected or the mould will return very quickly. Care also needs to be taken when removing mould from a property. Simply cleaning with bleach and water will not kill all the mould, and will trigger the release of its spores, agitating the problem and promoting re-occurrence. Mould remediation requires removing the mould carefully and correctly to eliminate the spread of the spores so that other rooms or locations around the problematic areas are not exposed.

This often requires containing the mouldy materials and removing them from the structure.

Damp diagnosis and mould remediation should always be performed by trained professionals who understand the processes and procedures

Our 5 step Mould Removal Process will have your home or office mould free in no time.

  1. Inspection A thorough inspection of the affected areas is necessary to determine the extent of the problem.
  2. Correction Identify the cause of the mould infestation to remedy it.
  3. Removal Our highly trained professionals will perform the necessary tasks to remove the mould.
  4. Dry Out – To remove the moisture from the vicinity and prevent the mould from returning.
  5. Prevention – Guide you through preventative steps to avoid mould from returning.

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