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Breath Fresh Air

How to identify and prevent mould in your home

Mould is a frequent household issue. Condensation can arise from water leaks, moisture in the ...

Home Ventilation

Your new year’s resolution – Improving the air quality within your home

Everyone wants to live a healthy happy life. But what if the air you are ...

Roof Ventilation

Top 5 Reasons to Consider Roof Ventilation for Your Home

Having a comfortable home in all seasons can be a real challenge. Particularly in Australia, ...

The importance of efficient ventilation in your office

Did you know that air pollution isn’t limited to busy streets in towns and cities? ...

Home Ventilation

Mould-proofing Your Home

Autumn is generally a fairly wet season and a prime time for mould spores to ...

Breath Fresh Air

What to do after your home has been water damaged by flooding

There are many reasons a home can be flooded – flash flooding from a blocked ...

How can I prevent mould growth?

What conditions in the home are best for mould growth? Keeping mould from growing in ...


What is rising damp and what are the signs of a problem?

What is rising damp? Rising damp occurs when excess moisture from the ground absorbs up ...

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