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Split Air Conditioner


Split Air Conditioner are now the popular air conditioning unit that consists of a wall-mounted indoor unit that blows the cool air inside and an outdoor unit that dispels the warm air out. Refrigerants are used in the system to cool and filter the air thus keeping the air fresh, cool, clean and healthy.

The slip Air condition system needs to be clean and regularly serviced as it collects a lot of dust and is a breeding ground for bacteria. When the bacteria continue to grow if not cleaned it contaminants the overall indoor air quality resulting in harmful allergens circulating in the room. These allergens are harmful to elders and children and individuals who suffer from Asthma, sinus, eczema, hay fever and other health problems when the dust builds up on the filter and coils.

We have a standard

procedure that we follow to ensure that the unit is completely clean inside out.

Zephyr Ventilation has been Cleaning and Sanitising all brands and types of air conditioning systems Australia wide for over 16 years. Specialising in Split System Air Conditioning which includes Hi wall, 4 Way, Under Ceiling and Floor Cassettes. We provide HVAC Hygiene for both Domestic and Commercial Ducted air conditioning systems. Our technicians are located in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and offer a 12 Month Mould FREE Guarantee on every platinum service. We provide services for residential, commercial projects.



Our Gold Air Conditioning Cleaning service will include everything in the standard clean procedure however you also have the option of adding in treatment of the airborne contaminants that your split system has spread throughout your house. This procedure is very important because even though you may have your split system clean, you also want to ensure the air you also breathe is clean. This includes the below: Setting up commercial air scrubbers with HEPA filters to capture all airborne contaminants and ensure all spores are being removed to prevent many people from getting sick from breathing in mould spores and dust. Conduct an airborne fogging treatment to kill all airborne contaminants. The air scrubbers will be sucking up all contaminants.


Our platinum cleaning service consists of both Standard & Gold service with the added services of remediation of all the surfaces within your room or home due to the airborne contaminants travelling around your home. These airborne contaminants will settle on your walls and contents and will keep developing in the right environment so it’s important to keep your home free of any dust or mould to prevent allergies and other health effects.


Should you wish to test the air quality in your home you can ask us for a quote. We can sample your home and send the samples off to our lab for analysis. It will generally take 3-5 days to get the analytical report back.

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