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Onyx Series

Onyx Series

The Onyx is the evolution of our already world leading airflow technology. The newly engineered and patented airflow methodology applies the same airflow optimisation technology as the new generation of jet engines used in Boeing Dreamliners. Capturing and propelling large volumes of air through the system for your cooling pleasure.
Find out how air movement can offer up to 7 degrees C perceived cooling at 36 Deg C.
What is Destratification?
How does stratified air impact your business, and how can Airius help?
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At 10% of the capital cost of air conditioning and around 30-50% less than  other fan systems, the air flow provided by Airius fans in your space offers up to 7 Degrees C cooling effect on days where temperatures reach or exceed  35 Degrees C.

We call this unique and exciting design ‘Bypass TechnologyTM’. The architecture of the fan case increases the air draw through suction, maximising the air volume bypassing the fan motor, exponentially increasing air flow performance.

Imagine if you will, a fan able to powerfully distribute air, that is quieter than any in its size with a beautiful aesthetic to rival our premium Designer Series. We have taken the best of all of our fans to create a series that pushes the general consensus of what a fan can achieve. All at a very low cost.

Ideal for spaces from 4-12 metres high, the Onyx is ideal in schools, bleachers, retail precincts, theatres, art galleries, lecture theatres, big box retailers, offices, foyers etc.



* Used to cool people and buildings
* Used to replace ductwork and mix or distribute conditioned air
* Used to de-stratify/thermally equalise buildings
* Used to equalise humidity
* Used to increase thermal comfort during the summer and winter
* Used to reduce ceiling temperature to extend life of lighting
* Used as a spot cooler


* Incredible air flow output for such a small motor
* Offers up to 7 Degrees C cooling perception on extremely hot days
* Capable of temperature control within 0-2ºC (when used in heating applications) with proper array/density of units
* Up to a 35% reduction in HVAC energy use
Maximise comfort
* Eliminate hot and cold spots
* German EBM Papst P4 and EC motor options
* EC motor -637 l/s

Performance and results of the Onyx are subject to many variables such as, but not limited to, the interior environment, exterior environment, conditions of building structure, HVAC system performance and/or electrical service and thus actual results may vary.


Airius warrants products listed below will operate properly and be free of defects in materials and workmanship according to the following terms:

* Airius Fans 5 Years (All Parts/Components)
* Money back guarantee – 30 days
* Refurbish program after 5-year warranty period ends

Please refer to the full warranty information in the installation, operation and maintenance guide.

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