Dehumidifying your home and office is crucial. There are a few good reasons to ensure there is adequate dehumidification. The optimum humidity level in your home should be below 60%. Once the humidity levels rise above 60%, mould will start to develop. Avail of our dehumidifying services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Darwin!

Mould Growth is the number one reason you should have adequate dehumidification in your home. Mould growth is a result of high humidity which causes the surfaces within your home to sweat and therefore this is a food source for mould to develop. As people occupying a house, room or office, we produce body heat which creates high humidity. This humidity not only causes the surfaces to sweat but also creates surface contamination that becomes airborne instantly which is affecting the air quality. Due to poor ventilation or building design, your property will most likely feel very damp or musty which is a sign of high humidity. The only way to fix this situation is to provide adequate dehumidification to regulate humidity levels.

Once the dehumidification is done, maintaining the humidity level is very important.

25 Litre Dehumidifier

One of the ways to provide adequate dehumidification is to use portable dehumidifiers which can be moved around the property. We recommend our customers buy humidity meters or sensors to keep track of the humidity levels in your home.

Another way is to install a full ducted dehumidification system which acts similar to a ducted aircon system but this particular system regulates the humidity and air quality in all rooms to ensure there are no unwanted airborne contaminants. There are also wall-mounted systems to suit different house designs without ceiling cavities.

Another big problem with high humidity that requires dehumidification is indoor pool rooms. This is a major issue due to rising moisture vapours rising from the surface of the water therefore creating mould growth especially with pools that are heated.