Bathroom ventilation is vital to your home ventilation needs. Laundry ventilation comes a close second and the same types of systems we use to properly ventilate a bathroom are used for laundry ventilation.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that baths, showers, washing machines and clothes driers produce large volumes of moisture that if left without ventilation would create hot humid air in your home which would quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. We’ve all seen homes that have been affected in this way and you should aim for preventative rather than corrective measures.

Mould can be extremely dangerous, especially to the elderly or young children and if you already have mould in your home you should immediately call our sister company Mouldpro for your mould removal and it’s important you don’t try and dry out the area before the mould is removed as you could spread it further throughout your home. One of our company’s most common call outs is for removal of mould from bathroom ceilings or walls. It’s far better to make sure you have the right ventilation for your bathroom in the first place.

Laundry and bathroom ventilation, for Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney homes, usually consists of extractor fans, ducts and external louvres. It’s vital that you have a system that can cope with the amount of moisture that your home produces. If after being used your bathroom represents a steam room there’s a good chance that you don’t have the right type of ventilation system for your home and your needs.

Zephyr Ventilation will upon request, come to your home and design a ventilation system for your bathroom and/or laundry. Additionally, we can look at your home’s overall ventilation requirements and make recommendations for your roof ventilation, sub floor ventilation and provide you with a quote for heat recovery ventilation using one of our energy recovery ventilators.