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Roof Ventilation

Hot Air Extraction for your property. Hot air, when trapped indoors, can lead to condensation, which in turn creates a suitable environment for mould and household pests to thrive. A concentration of hot air indoors can also cause overheating and put too much pressure on indoor cooling systems or make them ineffective altogether.

Air ventilation systems in Australia, are incomplete without the addition of a proper method of extracting the warm air and keeping it out. If your air ventilation system failed to include one or you want an upgrade to the one you have, read on to find some simple methods of heat extraction.

1. Use the Wind Direction and Your Windows

A useful – and the cheapest – method of heat extraction and cooling is to watch out for the direction of the wind and open your windows accordingly. When you find the direction, the wind is moving in, open the windows on that side to let the air in and the windows on the other side to let out the air. If you find that the air inside is stagnant, you can use a box fan (or larger) to aid air circulation.

Pro Tip: If you have a two-storey house, only open the downstairs windows to let the air in and the upstairs windows on the opposite side.

2. Use Exhaust Fans

When there’s a heatwave, an exhaust fan is a good way to draw the hot air out and keep it out. You can turn your large fans into exhaust fans by facing them towards the windows on the upper floors. This will induce the hot air to rise and expel it while your open doors and windows or your cooling system do their work.

3. Keep the Hot Air Out

Extracting the hot air is a good strategy, but an even better one is not to let the warm air in at all. When you leave in the morning, shut your doors and windows tightly and close your blinds. Your house has cooled overnight, so at some point during the day, the air indoors is going to be cooler than the one outdoors. You want to keep the hot air out, and that is what these measures would achieve. When you get in, you will return to a cool house; then you can open the doors and windows to let in some fresh air.

4. Use a Ventilation System

Vents are a good way to draw out hot air while cooling the room. The placement of vents in strategic positions around the house aids the natural flow of air in and out of the house. For an extra kick, you can install a whole-house fan. The fan would suck in cool air from outside while pushing the hot air up and out the vents.

During the summer, proper heat extraction can be the difference between extreme heat both outdoors and indoors and a cool house to save you from the harsh weather. Remember, your job would be a lot easier if you take measures to keep the hot air outside from the onset. For more information or some professional help, speak to one of our experts.

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