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Bathroom Ventilation Fans! Wetness and excess moisture in your bathroom aren’t going to dry themselves out magically. The perfect equipment for drying your bathroom is a ventilation fan, and it’s a tool every home should have.

Having a ventilation fan in your bathroom helps you to get rid of all the moisture and humid air that accumulates as a result of your routine activities in your bathroom. The moisture build-up in your bathroom damages the building materials and may become a breeding ground for mould, mildew and, other fungi.

For convenience and as a smart maintenance practice, you should install a ventilation fan in your bathroom and other parts of your house that may need them. Now, there are several things you have to consider when buying or installing a bathroom ventilation fan. They are;

1. Size of Your Bathroom

Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) is the standardised way of calculating the airflow capacity of bathroom ventilation fans. This unit measures the speed which dry air from the outside replaces humid air in the bathroom.

Bigger bathrooms will require ventilation fans with higher CFM and smaller bathrooms will alternatively require a lower CFM. A quick method to know the CFM value of the fan you should be using is by multiplying the volume of your bathroom by 0.13.

Another way to see the kind of ventilation fan your bathroom needs is to take into consideration the amount of water that runs in it. Sometimes, Bathroom Ventilation in Australia is not just about the size of the bathroom but the facilities you use matters too.

2. Position of the Ventilation Fan

The location of the ventilation fan will determine whether it gives you the best results or worsens your ventilation problems. In most bathrooms, gaseous moisture usually rises towards the roof, and so, it will be the best option to fix it onto the ceiling.  Otherwise, find the best location to place the fan, so it gets in contact with moisture and sucks it away.

3. Installation

After you must have decided what size, capacity, design or efficiency of bathroom ventilation fan you want, the next step is to have it installed in your home. You have to ensure that the fan vents are outdoors, in the open space and not in a hidden corner within the house.

Fix ventilation fans appropriately wherever you think is ideal. However, if the installation of a ventilation fan is not a job you can handle, you may need to call a professional.

The rules surrounding the installation and maintenance of Bathroom Ventilation In Australia might be different from elsewhere. Reach out to our seasoned team of ventilation experts. They’ve got loads of experience on the job and can answer your questions.

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