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Zephyr Ventilation are your Subfloor Ventilation experts and are here to explain the importance of having good ventilation and air quality within your house. First of all, people, these days are very prone to illness whether by influenza or simply by living with bacteria or any other microbes such as mould. Secondly, it affects the wood flooring due to condensation making you and your home vulnerable.

What are some of the reasons we could have poor air quality within our homes?

  • People can produce high humidity simply by giving off body heat while they sleep or breathe. This high humidity will provide condensation to the surfaces within the property which in turn is also a food source for mould growth.
  • Due to the type of houses built in Melbourne & Sydney, there might be a subfloor area under your house that has insufficient airflow which means any bacteria or mould spores can potentially rise up through the floor and contaminate the livable area of the house. One of the reasons mould develops in the subfloor area is due to ground seepage that flows through the ground. This is a food source for mould growth that will always develop unless you can stop the ground seepage. One way to do this is to dig a rubble drain around the perimeter of the house to capture the groundwater before it can get in under the house.
  • The occupants may not be able to ventilate properly due to weather conditions.
  • Missing exhaust fans or exhaust fans not connected or ducted to the outside of the property

What system can be installed in the subfloor area under your house?

Zephyr Ventilation can supply and install a mechanical subfloor ventilation system which consists of generally a 200mm in-line fan that is connected with a flexi duct to strategically placed ducts to two things. One of the benefits of this system is to create better airflow under the house which will assist in drying out the subfloor area under the house and the other benefit is to suck out any airborne contaminants that could potentially rise up through the floor and contaminate the house. When Zephyr Ventilation installs your subfloor ventilation system it will be set up to run on a timer so the owner or tenant doesn’t have to turn it on or off. When installing these ventilation systems they can be set up to place the subfloor area under negative, neutral or positive pressure.

Don’t hesitate to contact Zephyr Ventilation to book your ventilation assessment and quote for your new subfloor ventilation system.

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