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Effective Ventilation System for your home! We all know that good ventilation throughout the home is important for both the health of your family and your actual building itself.

Have you ever wondered if your home has effective ventilation? Here are some signs below that may help you to decide whether you need a helping hand with your home ventilation.


You wake up every morning and there is condensation dotted around the place on window sills, window coverings, windows themselves and on your benches. This means that the air is damp and not flowing properly allowing for condensation to easily evaporate.

Does your bathroom completely dry out after showers? Does your laundry turn into a sauna when you use the dryer? These are other areas where condensation builds up and then….


What happens when condensation and damp air continues to build up? Yes, Mould growth. Mould thrives in a damp environment. If you start to notice a dank musty smell and your clothes and furniture are starting to look and feel somewhat “dusty” it is likely you could have a hidden mould problem. Of course, there may be obvious signs of black or green sprinklings of mould within your home also.

Rising Damp

Rising damp occurs when excess moisture from the ground absorbs up into porous building materials such as stone, brick, earth, mortar and into the structure of the building. The moisture evaporates from either face of the wall, allowing more to be drawn from below. Rising damp is common in older buildings, but can also occur in more modern buildings if your damp-proof course has been damaged.

Though rising damp may cause unsightly aesthetic damage, it can also cause the structure of the building to be compromised and cause you bigger problems in the future. Damp walls also encourage mould growth as mentioned, which can then lead to health problems for the occupants of your home.

Having sufficient subfloor ventilation under your home will assist in preventing rising damp.

Sickness and Allergies

Does it ever feel like sickness just “lives” in your home? Well, it could be due to insufficient ventilation. Not only do the viruses that enter your home continue to circulate, but having a damp environment contributes to mould, which contributes to allergies, which contributes to an unhappy household.

Extreme Temperatures

Do you find your home is too hot? It could be that your home could benefit from a good roof ventilation system. The air in your roof space is a build-up of not just the natural ventilation occurring throughout your home but also air extracted from your bathroom, shower and kitchen – especially range hoods or extractor fans over your cooker.

Hot, humid air in your roof space provides the perfect environment for mould as previously stated so removing this has measurable health benefits. Additionally, it can cause damage to the structure of your home by speeding up the decay of the building materials. Both timber and metals are susceptible to decay or corrosion from this type of environment and adequate roof ventilation will help protect the longevity of your home, meaning you save money on expensive repairs later on down the line.

During the summer good roof ventilation keeps your roof space cool, which means less requirement for air conditioning, you have a naturally cooler house and your electricity is much less. Having efficient roof ventilation enables you to remove all the moisture from your roof space. This means you remove the conditions necessary for dangerous mould to form, as well as protecting the materials your home is constructed from.

If your home is too cold you may benefit from a heat recovery ventilation system. A heat recovery ventilation system exchanges fresh air from outside your property and uses the heat of the indoor air to heat the outside air as it comes in.

Either way – We can help! Give us a call at Zephyr Ventilation for specialist advice on effective ventilation for your property.

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